A cost effective bag sealing solution, the JMC FuseAire 4 Heat Sealer eliminates the use of wire, staples or other sealing materials.  With built-in safety features and easy access to all controls, it compliments most bagging lines.

The JMC FuseAire 4 Heat Sealer is a simple, user-friendly system which utilizes compressed hot air to seal bags closed. The FuseAire 4 Heat Sealer is well suited for poly or laminate bags and can be customized to seal both product and master/bale bags.

  • Stainless steel head
  • Cost efficient V belt bag guide transport (spring loaded self-adjusting tension)
  • Continuous sealing
  • Automatic shut-off for accidental jamming
  • Variable temperature, speed and air flow
  • Adjustable height to suit product bag
  • Casters for mobility
  • Quick release mechanism for tool free access

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JMC Automation in Packaging (formerly known as JMC Packaging Equipment) is a leading international supplier of automated packaging equipment & bagging systems. JMC provides a range of sorting, bulk bagging & sealing systems for a variety of industries and applications, including: ice, potatoes, carrots, produce/foods & other loose products.

Modern Ice and our Freeze Force Technical Services Team engineer, design, and integrate JMC’s equipment into your plant.  This strategic partnership can help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

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