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Leer and Vogt have published new pricing which went into effect on October 5th.



GREAT NEWS . . . there is only ONE merchandiser which had a price increase – the Model 63.  All other merchandiser pricing remains the same!  There are a few price increases on options (i.e., special paint, crating, etc.)

Leer has done a great job on strategic purchasing and increasing manufacturing efficiencies to keep prices from increasing.

Modern looks forward to assisting you to gain new accounts and create new business this fall / winter through the combination of price stability, Leer’s new Ice Breaker Vending System, and our upcoming merchandiser program.

We are excited about the new opportunities you will have!



Vogt’s pricing increased around 3% to 6%.   Vogt has implemented many improvements to their products over the past year.  Here are a few of them:

•  VT units now have improved epoxy coated frames

•  Upgraded Allen Bradley Micrologix PLCs are now standard for Modular Ice Systems

•  Electronic expansion valves are now standard on halocarbon (non-ammonia) Modular Ice Systems

•  Standard integrated and remote high side refrigeration packages are available for single unit modular systems

•  Chillers now include Vent Hood assemblies as standard items (can be deducted when chlorine gas build up is not likely)


Modern can help you to take advantage of these improvements with the assistance of our Freeze Force, integration of other equipment, and ustom controls!


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