While others sell equipment, Modern Ice provides solutions…

Modern Ice Equipment and Supply is a the #1 full-service supplier to the Ice Industry offering Commercial & Industrial equipment, parts, and supplies as well as training, service, installation, marketing aids and turn-key engineering solutions.

Modern Ice began in 1968, originally as a telephone order supply house. Gary Jerow purchased the company in 1990 with a vision for the company to be the leader in the industry. Through the years Modern has grown through acquisition, the dedication and hard work of great people, and through a uniquely personal approach to customers and vendors; a true partnership dedicated to their growth.

Today Modern Ice has achieved much of that early vision; a full-service supplier offering supplies, equipment, training, service, installation, manufacturing, marketing aids, and turn-key engineering solutions. Modern is focused like a laser on addressing the critical concerns of the ice industry and providing custom solutions specifically designed to address the concerns of each of our customers.

Modern’s seasoned team of specialists represents over 500 years of collective industry expertise. This dedicated staff of consummate professionals listens to clients’ fundamental needs and key concerns and then provides custom solutions that address their most significant business issues.

MI is a proud member of IPIA, EPIA, GLIA, MoValley, NIA, SIE, SWIA and WIA and we look forward to working with our customers, vendors, association members, and competitors to keep the packaged and industrial ice industries moving forward.

Modern Ice; providing customers and vendors with “A Remarkable Experience Every Day!”

A Brief History of Ice

From the dawn of time till about 200 years ago, ice was mostly an unfortunate side effect of winter. However, in the early 1800s, a single man named Frederic Tudor saw dollar signs in frozen ponds. A mere 30 years later, he was shipping tons of ice around the globe. Tudor’s reputation solidified in 1833 when he shipped 180 tons of ice halfway across the world to British colonists in Calcutta. The venture was so successful that it reopened trade routes between India and Boston thus earning him the title of the “Ice King” and nearly single-handedly created the Modern Ice Industry!

By the 1860s American ice harvesting was at its hottest, and Tudor’s company prospered. Even during the Civil War, when the South was cut off from its relatively newfound love of all things icy, the ice industry spread throughout New England and the Midwest. When Frederic Tudor died in 1864, everyone with access to a frozen body of water was in the ice business.
The ever-increasing American taste for fresh meats, milk, and fruit, grew the ice industry into one of the most powerful in the nation. By the turn of the century, just about every family, grocer, and barkeep in America had an icebox.

But it was America’s insatiable appetite for ice that formed the very technology that would lead to the decline of the ice empire — electric freezers and refrigerators. And over the early years of the 1900s as these appliances became more reliable, by 1940, 5 million units had been sold. With freezers allowing people to make ice at home, there was little need to ship massive quantities across the country and the era of Modern Ice had begun.

Today, ice is a multi-billion dollar industry, and most of the business is from pre-packaged, direct-to-consumer ice (the stuff you buy for your beer cooler). Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be grateful. The next time you throw back an iced tea, or a chilled martini, or a cold beer on a hot day, take a moment to thank the crazy Yankee who had the vision to turn water into money. We do.