FreezeForce© – Technical Services

Total Integration of Design, Equipment, Controls, Parts, Supplies, and Service!

Modern has the largest and most experienced full-time technical services team in the packaged ice industry.

At Modern Ice, good isn’t good enough. Great is now expected. Modern’s FreezeForce© sets the standards for plant efficiency, reliability and profitability. Our team of highly skilled professionals ensures that your equipment is running at optimal capacity.

FreezeForce© – For “A Remarkable Experience Every Day!”

Our goal is to provide a remarkable customer experience every day, by helping you maintain the highest standards for ice-making efficiency, reliability, and profitability. Click the arrow above to watch a quick video on why Modern Ice should be your first call before you build a new plant.

Considering a New Plant?

If you are thinking about expanding, updating, or getting into the ice business, let Modern Ice help you as we’ve helped many other companies like yours. From the first 3D renderings to startup, our team of technical specialists knows how to squeeze the most value from your ice plant by designing to your exact needs and specifications.

Modern Ice builds, improves, and maintains more ice plants than anyone else. Period.

We’ve installed almost any piece of equipment you can name, a huge variety of configurations. Thanks to advanced automation, robotics, and other technology, today’s leading-edge ice plants are more efficient than ever before.

With fewer people on the plant floor, though, full-service support and maintenance are essential to avoid costly downtime, extend equipment life, and keep your operations at peak performance. We can also help you calculate your project’s return on investment.

At Modern, we look beyond just selling you the equipment and parts. Our industry-leading design crew and staff lay it out, build the plant, and teach your employees how to keep everything up and running. We’ll also keep you supplied with parts – and can even provide extra support when you need it, through our unique Rent-A-Tech program.

Freeze Force offers the technical services you need for your plant…maintenance and repairs, equipment installation, controls systems, all the way through full general contracting services.  For more information, click on the topics below:

Maintenance / Repair Services

Control Systems

New Plant Consultation / Design / Installation / Start-Up

Plant Updates / Expansions

This is a business built on personal relationships, so we have a unique advantage with our FreezeForce© approach to dealing with clients. Click the arrow to watch a short video explaining how we work with new customers.

We support our customers with a great technical team, Freeze Force, that’s available to take care of maintenance, repair, installations, start-ups, and technical questions.


When we start working with a new customer, typically the Modern Ice sales consultant will bring them in to discuss what they want to accomplish and what kind of space they have available.


Our engineering and design group then helps to lay out the customer’s vision, so he or she can really understand the space requirements and the integration of the equipment throughout their facility.


This is where Freeze Force© comes in to install and start-up. It’s not like we just build something and we’re gone; we spend a lot of time with our customers during the installation process. By the time we leave a project, everything’s up and running and they are producing and bagging ice.  Then we are there for them when they need technical support.

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