Would you like to decrease your Ice Distribution Costs?

Modern Ice now provides the technology for your distribution business to be digitally connected to your merchandisers.   This SmartBox technology can be installed easily into your new or existing merchandisers.  The patented design of sensors will be used to transmit data through a 3G signal regarding the bagged ice stock levels as well as the temperature readings.  This will allow you to monitor when your customers need ice or the box needs serviced.  It doesn’t matter if the bags of ice were sold from the center, sides, or back of the merchandiser, the sensors on the unit will identify the percentage of stock left in the customer’s merchandiser.  This unit comes in four sizes to accommodate any merchandiser from a Model 30 to BAM Boxes and can be utilized on auto defrost units or cold walled units.

With this SmartBox technology plan your routes and save money in unnecessary stops!  Stop the need to comp your customer due to a door being left open melting an entire merchandiser of ice stock!


Features & Benefits:

  • Increased Account Knowledge
    • Real time fill or fix data
    • Ability to monitor both left and right inventory
    • Data access anywhere on any device
  • Increase Profits
    • Eliminate no sales
    • Increase average drop size
    • Eliminate out of stock
    • Avoid costly merchandiser malfunctions with temperature monitoring
  • Improve Efficiency
    • Reduce fuel consumption
    • Decrease vehicle maintenance
    • Load trucks appropriately
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Eco-friendly
  • Cost
    • Each unit is $285/unit no matter what size or type you need
    • Each unit has a monthly 3G subscription charge of $7.95/month


  • Temperature Sensors
    • Each channel has two, three or four sensors based on the merchandiser model of the unit to be installed
  • Power Supply
    • 12 volt ties into the 120 volt
  •  Controller
    • 12 volt tied into freezer via 12 volt power supply
  • Channel Sizes
    • Material: stainless steel
    • 18″ channel length fits Leer Model 30 merchandisers (or equivalent in other brands)
    • 32″ channel length fits Model 40 merchandisers (or equivalent in other brands)
    • 38″ channel length fits Model 65 merchandisers (or equivalent in other brands)
    • 48″ channel length fits Model 60 or Model 75 merchandisers (or equivalent in other brands)
    • 72″ channel length fits Model 85, Model 100, or BAM box merchandisers (or equivalent in other brands)
  • Cold Wall Brackets
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Two telescoping metal brackets to be used to secure the channel
    • Cold wall boxes only
  • Cloud-based data access with your preferred internet browser






SmartBox information Sheet

Modern Ice and iceQ work together to provide you with the best SmartBox products and services.  Modern Ice will provide you the products and iceQ is your source for technical support.  The SmartBox product can do so much more for your business than just let you know how much ice is in the merchandisers and what the temperature is.  Check out the following videos or visit iceQ’s website to learn more!

Visit iceQ’s Website

Modern Ice offers installation of your SmartBox technology on the merchandisers in our warehouse for a fee.  If you would prefer to install them yourself, the installation process is fairly simple.  See the videos below for cold wall and auto-defrost installation and to learn how to set the merchandiser up in your software.