The International Packaged Ice Association’s Convention & Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee featured a lot of new, innovative products and services for Packaged Ice producers.  Here are some of the highlights of items featured by Modern Ice and our strategic partners:

The video above tells the story of Bluegrass Ice updating and upgrading their production equipment to Vogt Modular Ice Makers.

Vogt’s Modular Ice Makers are a proven, efficient, and effective option for your ice production.  Modern has already installed more than 1,200 tons of Modular Ice Maker production and has more in process for start-up next ice season.  Modern’s engineering and Freeze Force are the only team with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to integrate this option into your plant.

For more information on Vogt Modular Ice Makers, click here then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

Modern Ice continually supports the International Packaged Ice Association as a Gold Sponsor at the annual convention in an effort to strengthen and educate the Packaged Ice Industry as a whole.  Our strategic partner’s Keith Manufacturing, Leer, and Vogt also support the IPIA show as Gold Sponsors each year.

Modern Ice University was developed to help you increase employee confidence and retention, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

We have several classes scheduled for early next year and more coming throughout next year.  Our facility is available for you to utilize for meetings or training for your team.

For more information on Modern Ice University, click here then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

Modern Ice featured a control panel demonstration in our booth at IPIA.  We had one of our team’s programmers available to explore the critical concerns our clients’ had for their plants and to discuss the control they would like to have at the plant level and via remote access.

For more information on Modern’s control capabilities, click here then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

Keith Walking Floor Systems have true “First In / First Out” technology and are a great bulk storage solution for many ice plant applications.  For more information on the Keith Walking Floor System, click here.

Contact Modern Ice today to discuss your bulk storage needs.  We offer a vast selection of bulk ice storage solutions to meet the needs of your specific plant. From surge bins to rakes, to moving floor systems, we have the equipment you need and Freeze Force can integrate it into your plant to increase your efficiencies and the amount of ice you get in the bag while decreasing your down-time and operational headaches.

Modern Ice specializes in integrating equipment into your plant to meet your desired outcomes.  We partner with leading manufacturers to provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific plant’s requirements.  Our Freeze Force Technical Services Department is a highly experience team of professionals available to install, maintain, repair, or assist you in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.

Modern Ice Equipment and Supply introduced palletizing to the packaged ice industry in 2001 and has been integrating automation ever since.

Modern is a distributor and integrator of Hamer Robotic Palletizing Systems.  These systems are available as simple semi-automatic configurations and in several options all the way through fully-automatic with pallet and slip-sheet placement, conveying, and stretch wrapping.

Modern Ice Equipment and Supply has experience designing these systems within existing plants and for new builds.  We know how to make these work in plants with space restrictions and other unique challenges or requirements.

Click for more information on the Hamer Robotic Palletizer, then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

Matthiesen featured a Magic Finger Heat Seal Bagger in their booth at IPIA.  This product and the standard wire- or clip-tie Magic Finger Bagging System are great options for your packaging line.  The simplicity and through put capabilities are just a few of the features and advantages these products can offer your plant.

Click for more information on the Matthiesen Magic Finger Heat Seal Bagger or Magic Finger Packaging System, then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

Vogt is leading the way in refrigeration compliance and advancement.  They showcased their HFO ice maker at last year’s IPIA and featured the new HFOPAK25 packaged refrigeration skid at this year’s show.  Like the HFO ice maker, this is designed to utilize HFO refrigerant (currently R513a) and to accept future HFO refrigerants.  This will provide you with years of dependable service without the fear of refrigerant obsolescence.

Click for more information on the HFO Ice Maker or HFO Package Refrigeration Skid , then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

Leer featured their Vending Merchandiser, a new Pallet Load merchandiser, and their “BAM” box – the TD155 at IPIA this year.  These merchandisers offer unique features in addition to the quality and dependability of the Leer boxes you have always used.

The VM40 is a vending merchandiser that allows you to sell direct to the end user and provide service in areas not covered by your clients.  The PL150 offers you or your clients the ability to load ice by the pallet into a merchandising box.  The TD155 is a large enough merchandiser to allow you to better manage your busiest clients without having to make additional trips.

Click below for specification sheets or contact your Modern Ice sales consultant for additional information.

Leer VM40 Vending Merchandiser

Leer TD155 Tall & Deep Merchandiser

Leer PL150 Pallet Load Merchandiser

Smart Flexible Packaging is the only poly company that produces bags EXCLUSIVELY for the packaged ice industry.  Their innovative solutions, ability to meet your needs, super clear film, true color printing, knowledge of how bags interact with packaging equipment and at different stages throughout the packaged ice distribution journey are why Modern has partnered with them for your ice bag requirements.

Click for more information or to get a bag quote, please contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.

The biggest asset Modern Ice has to offer you is our team of knowledgeable professionals.

• Financial Guidance (return on investment, project financing, presenting plans to bank, etc.)

• Freeze Force Technical Services Team (installation, maintenance, repairs, consultation, training, troubleshooting)

• Engineering and Product Development (Plant Design, Equipment Evaluation, Efficiencies, Innovation)

• Operations Team (purchasing power, R&D, warehouses full of parts you need, “Order by 4:00 and Out the Door”)

• Your Sales Consultant Team (liaisons to all departments, problem solvers, working Saturdays and Holidays during ice season)

• Client Advocate (working for you on any returns, warranty, or general issues to make sure your needs are taken care of)

Modern’s team has 550 collective years of experience in the packaged ice industry.  This knowledge base is here for your benefit.  Let us know how Modern’s team can assist you!

Hamer-Fischbein introduced the Hamer-Fischbein 390 bagging automation technology last years and pre-viewed the 560 this year.  These packaging technologies are designed to improve machine reliability, bag top seal integrity, speed, and cleanliness standards.

Click for more information on the Hamer-Fischbein 390, then contact your Modern Ice sales consultant.