At Modern Ice, we don’t just sell equipment for your new plant, but also offer customized solutions that solve your problems today and will support your operation well into the future.  We understand that every plant is unique. Modern has the engineering skills and experience to make your unique ice business efficient, effective, and profitable.

Modern’s team will be there for you every step of the way, guiding you through each step to success:

  • Design: Our team of technical specialists know how to squeeze the most value out of your space by designing to your exact needs and specifications.  We can also help you calculate your project’s return on investment.
  • Installation & Training: We’ve installed almost any piece of equipment you can name, in a huge variety of configurations.  And we can teach your employees the skills they need to keep everything up and running.
  • Maintenance:  Our popular service programs can minimize costly downtime, extend your equipment life, and keep your operations at peak performance.   Freeze Force offers peace of mind when you need extra support.

Modern Ice has a team of professional consultants to assist you in planning and equipment selection when building a new ice plant that meets your unique requirements. We can assist not only with equipment, supplies, and parts, but also with ROIs, business plans, and marketing strategy.

When it comes to layout, design, installation, and start-up, Modern’s Engineering and Freeze Force teams are the most experienced in the industry. Freeze Force is our knowledgeable, full-time team of professionals available to you as a resource for your new plant! They will bring your goals for automation, efficiencies, and profitability to fruition.

Your plant will be designed specifically for your from your equipment selection to the building space you are working with to storage requirements – one design does not fit all!

Why Choose Modern Ice?

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence as an international, full-service supplier of ice manufacturing equipment and supplies.  We are widely recognized as the industry leader in customized value-added solutions, including:

  • Technical Services
  • Design
  • Plant Controls & Automation
  • Equipment (New & Aftermarket)
  • Financial Planning
  • Online Ordering (Parts & Supplies)

Please call us at 1-800-543-1581 / +1-513-367-2101 or fill out this contact form to access additional resources and have a sales consultant follow up for further assistance.

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