Modern Ice University is a new platform for educating, training, research & development, and innovation which is under development.

Our vision is to have working equipment and training rooms at our Greendale facility where our team of professionals can provide training to your employees on plant operations, FSMA, safety, innovation, and much more!

At our current stage, we have meeting space you can utilize and training sessions scheduled as detailed below.  We will be adding to our class list once our Freeze Force professionals become available after pre-season installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Let us know how you would use Modern Ice University for your team!

Current Modern Ice University Calendar


Date              Course Information

1/14-16         Private MIU Equipment Class

1/29              MIU Hamer FFS Class – Tyler, Texas
1/30-31        MIU Hamer 125 Class – Tyler, Texas

2/11-12         Private MIU Equipment Class

2/12-13              MIU Leer Merchandiser Class – Stockton, California

2/25-27         MIU Hamer 125 and Leer Merchandiser Class – Greendale, Indiana


Course Details

We are currently assessing our clients’ needs and the availability of our MIU staff to determine when and what our next classes will be.  Please let us know what you’re looking for at