Modern Ice can provide the packaging equipment best suited to your plant . . . from manual baggers and closing to fully automated palletizing, stretch wrapping, and delivery to cold storage. Modern’s Freeze Force is well versed in integrating packaging equipment into plants of all sizes and layouts.

To best meet specific plant requirements, Modern represents several manufacturers all of which are not included on this site. Following is information on some of the standard packaging equipment we represent:

Matthiesen VL Manual Bagger
Matthiesen VLS Manual Bagger
Matthiesen Bulk Fill Bagger
Matthiesen Magic Finger System
Matthiesen Bagger Take-Off System
Matthiesen Heat Seal Bagger
Hamer Form, Fill, and Seal Baggers and New Packaging Technology
JMC Bulk Bagger
JMC Wicketted Bagging and Sealing System
Matthiesen Bulk Bagger
Matthiesen Automatic Baler
JMC Automatic Baler
JMC FuseAire 4 Heat Sealer
Matthiesen Heat Sealer
Hamer 125 Bag Closer
Hamer Ring Bag Closer
Kwik Lok Automatic Bag Closing Machines
Hamer Robotic Palletizers
Stretch Wrap Machines

If you do not find what you are looking for or need guidance, please call us at 1-800-543-1581 / +1-513-367-2101 or fill out this contact form to access additional resources and have one of our sales consultants follow up for further assistance.