Vogt ice makers are the cornerstone of the ice plants that Modern Ice design.  The proven quality and dependability of Vogt ice makers along with the unmatched experience of Modern Ice will provide you with the peace of mind that you want for a new plant, expansion, or update.

From five tons a day to 500+ – Modern Ice brings the knowledge and experience to integrate Vogt ice makers with the proper handling, packaging, and storing solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Modern Ice offers Vogt Tube Ice makers and Vogt Fragment Modular Ice Makers in all capacities to meet your unique requirements.  The following charts show manufacturer capacity ratings at varying make-up water temperatures.  Please note that actual capacity will fluctuate based on suction temperature, ambient temperature, and other factors that can be reviewed with one of Modern’s sales consultants, engineers, or Freeze Force representatives.

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Vogt Tube and Fragment Ice Makers
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Vogt Fragment Ice Makers
Vogt Ammonia Ice Maker Capacity Chart
Vogt Freon Ice Maker Capacity Chart
Vogt Packaged Ice Maker Capacity Chart
Vogt Low-Side Machine Capacity Chart
Vogt Mid-Capacity Ice Maker Capacity Chart