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Bluegrass Ice: Investing in Innovative Products

Bluegrass Ice was a long-time client of Modern Ice.  They have had tremendous growth over the years and were struggling to keep up with demand.  Some of their ice makers were almost 50 years old and the upkeep was too much.  They were buying ice every summer.

Ronnie Rogers, Bluegrass Ice Owner, wanted to keep the plate ice product and decided to go with the new Vogt Modular Ice Makers.  The project took three months and the results exceeded Bluegrass Ice’s expectations.  After buying up to 50 truckloads of ice in previous summers, they didn’t have to buy any this year.

Ronnie is thrilled with the results, “I should have done it a long time ago…now I can grow, grow, grow!”   Jason Corbin, Plant Manager, is more productive, “I’m not working on the ice makers every day . . . constantly back there running to get parts.”

Getchell Bros. Ice: Historical Company Moving into the Future

When Getchell Bros. ran out of room at their current facility, they decided to start a new location from the ground up.  The process started with Modern’s Engineering and Product Development team designing the plant and layout to meet Getchell Bros. production requirements while creating efficiencies.  Freeze Force did the plant installation with new Vogt ice makers, High Side, Keith Walking Floor, and all Handling Equipment.  Getchell Bros. utilizes the Matthiesen Magic Finger System for its speed and simplicity.

The most effective upgrades with this plant was adding the Freeze Force Controls System.  Bob Morse, General Manager at Getchell Bros., states that this system allows them to be away from the plant and still have peace of mind.  Tony Reese, Plant Manager, appreciates the ability to control the handling system at the touch of a button and the ability to have troubleshooting done remotely.

Getchell Bros. has come a long way from cutting ice out of the Kenduskeag Stream in 1888!  Modern Ice is happy to continue to be a part of their success story!

U.S. Ice: Listening to the Customer’s Voice

Like many ice businesses, Detroit-based U.S. Ice is family-owned and operated. When they realized it was time to modernize and automate their plant, owners Saad and Jacob Abbo turned to Modern Ice for their expert advice and guidance.

The first step to any successful collaboration is listening to the customer, so we took the time to see and hear from Saad and Jacob exactly what they hoped to achieve. Despite the facility’s serious space limitations, we found ways to help them reach all their redesign goals.

Today, the owners are thrilled with the plant’s upgrades. “Modern Ice was there. They did exactly what they said they would do.  No problems.” says Saad. Adds Jacob with a smile: “Robots never call in sick, never take bathroom breaks, they always run.”

Triangle Ice: An Automation Case Study

Based in Savannah, Georgia, Triangle Ice has additional operations throughout Georgia, Northern Florida, and South Carolina. At their Walterboro, South Carolina plant, they produce bagged ice serving Charleston, Columbia, and surrounding markets. Eighteen months after purchasing the plant, Triangle’s management realized they needed to:

  • Decrease the distance of travel from their ice makers to their bins,
  • Increase overall production, and
  • Become more energy-efficient.

There was one more requirement: Triangle would like to use as much of its existing equipment as possible.

According to Triangle’s Rob Neall, “Most of the other companies we asked for proposals required a full upgrade — take everything out, and you gotta do it this way or no way at all. Modern was very helpful in adapting what we had to what we needed to accomplish.

They also identified some areas of improvement, including more efficient ice-makers, all-green systems, and a wiser use of our electrical power. “

“Modern Ice adds value to what they provide us. They go out of their way to help us and through the weekends and the holidays I have no problem calling them and getting the answer. We hope to further upgrade this facility to a fully automated, robotic facility, and we expect that Modern will be our partner in that.”

Adds John Potter: “The whole thing just made sense. They came up with very good compact design. Now we have a control panel that gives us remote access to the equipment. I can even shut down the ice-maker from home if there is a problem. We also have cameras that allow us to physically look at the rakes on my phone. These are quality-of-life improvements that allow us to have more time with our families.”