Is your Bagger Hopper spilling ice on the floor creating potential safety or quality issues? 

Our Modern Ice Engineering Team has developed a solution for you. The new Modern Ice Bagger Hopper Cover will fully enclose the Hopper to eliminate ice spillage as well as prevents potential contamination or employee injuries from handling of ice in the Hopper.  The cover is made of heavy gauge, Food Grade, polyurethane with elastic seal at the bottom of the cover allowing for quick access for sanitation.  Included with the cover is a nylon strap with metal clasp and ratchet to secure the cover to the chute or down spout.  Additionally, an elastic seal at the bottom of the cover allows for quick access for sanitation.  With the top opening measuring 15.5″ x 15.5″ square and the cover 30″ in length this cover is made to fit both Matthiesen and Hamer Bagger Hoppers.

Bagger Hopper CoverPreventative Control for FSMA & Safety Processes:

  • Full Enclosure for Bagger Hopper
    • Significantly minimizes the possibility of foreign objects entering the Hopper
    • Significantly minimizes contaminants in the air or from objects above entering the Hopper
    • Prevents employee handling of ice in the Hopper to avoid product contamination and personal injury
    • Prevents ice from escaping the Hopper and creating a wet, slip-hazard on the floor in the bagging area
  • Food Grade Material to Meet PIQCS and FSMA requirements for Contact Surfaces (passes NSF 61)
  • Easy Installation / Quick Access for Sanitation of Hopper
  • Affordable Solution


  • Material: Heavy Gauge Polyurethane
  • Top Opening: 15.5″ x 15.5″ square
  • Length: 30″
  • Fits Matthiesen and Hamer Bagger Hoppers