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Matthiesen’s Magic Finger Bagging Systems

Simple, Affordable Packaging Solutions Available for the 2019 Ice Season Modern's unique relationship with Matthiesen has allowed our sales team and Freeze Force members more knowledge and experience with the Magic Finger baggers than anyone in the industry. Since it's inception almost 30 years ago, the Magic Finger has been a dependable automatic bagger [...]

Now is the Time to Buy Merchandisers

Get a Jump on Spring Sales by Buying Merchandisers Now! Merchandisers in the field NOW mean you start making money NOW Gain accounts now and give them time to grow by summer New merchandisers in the field so you can bring once in that need repair Consider Buying Truckload Quantities Cost savings on freight Reduced [...]

It’s Time to Order Bags!

Modern partners with experienced, high quality manufacturers to provide custom, program, or stock bags to meet your specific requirements. Custom Bags: Roll Stock Wicket Bags Zipper Bags Handle Bags Slider Bags Pouch-Type Bags   Group Bag Program: 5#, 7#, 8#, 10#, 10# Block, 20#, 25#, 40# Bags Ice Pac Brand Logo & Your Name Slug [...]

Featured at IPIA in Nashville – November 2018

The International Packaged Ice Association's Convention & Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee featured a lot of new, innovative products and services for Packaged Ice producers.  Here are some of the highlights of items featured by Modern Ice and our strategic partners: The video above tells the story of Bluegrass Ice updating and upgrading [...]

Eliminate Slip-Hazards & Potential Hopper Ice Contamination

Is your Bagger Hopper spilling ice on the floor creating potential safety or quality issues?  Our Modern Ice Engineering Team has developed a solution for you. The new Modern Ice Bagger Hopper Cover will fully enclose the Hopper to eliminate ice spillage as well as prevents potential contamination or employee injuries from handling of ice [...]

Importance of Poly Bags Designed for Your Bagging Equipment

Modern Ice purchases poly ice bags for our clients on a regular basis.  As an equipment integrator, we understand the requirements that different bagging equipment have when it comes to poly bags. Modern Ice partners with quality bag manufacturers who share our dedication to quality and who understand the unique needs for bags to run [...]

How Do You Measure Whether Your Sanitation Program is Effective?

Modern Ice has assisted clients with sanitation and quality control documentation and processes for many years. As our clients are challenged with the new FSMA requirements, Modern Ice recognized the need for a simple and economical monitoring system to easily and reliably test and document the effectiveness of ice plant sanitation procedures. Our Engineering and [...]

Sharing Hamer-Fischbein Article on Robotic Palletizer

The following article was posted on Hamer-Fischbein's blog regarding a project that Modern Ice managed for Triangle Ice in Savannah, Georgia.  This was a great collaborative effort between the client, Modern, and our Vendor - Hamer Fischbein. Triangle Ice - Robotic Palletizing Triangle Ice approached Modern Ice Equipment & Supply, a Hamer-Fischbein equipment dealer, in 2016 [...]

Leer Service Bulletin – AD Merchandisers

has release a Service Bulletin to correct issues with the defrost cycle terminating prior to the evaporator coils being fully defrosted.  Please see attached:  

Upcoming Price Changes – 2015/2016

  Leer and Vogt have published new pricing which went into effect on October 5th.   LEER GREAT NEWS . . . there is only ONE merchandiser which had a price increase - the Model 63.  All other merchandiser pricing remains the same!  There are a few price increases on options (i.e., special paint, crating, etc.) Leer has [...]